Lifemates Canada Cost, Prices & Fees

Lifemates Canada has proven itself to be the most successful Canadian matchmaking services for over 20 years. Lifemate Canada fees are moderate, by industry standards, for the comprehensive service which introduces Canadian couples for purposes of serious dating and committed relationships. Over the years Lifemates has successfully made thousands of matches in localities throughout Canada including Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary. Our alumni are scattered throughout Canada and many of these former members stay in touch with Lifemates to keep the staff updated regarding the progression of their relationships including engagements, marriages and children.

At Lifemates we are up front about the cost of a Lifemates membership. While the Lifemates Canada fees are comparable, if not lower, than other similar services, fees for a Lifemates Canada membership are higher than the costs of a membership of many online dating services. Lifemates recognizes the difference. However, since the Lifemates program is structured as an individualized dating service, rather than as the sort of computerized mix and match that characterizes most online dating sites, our operating costs are higher and we share that higher price among our membership.

A membership in Lifemates involves an introductory interview in which the Lifemates Relationship Consultant prepares an extensive profile of the client. This meeting may involve several hours of interviews, but our experience indicates that this screening process is vital to ensuring the ultimate success of our matches. A Lifemates Canada staff person will discuss the Lifemates cost with the potential client after being approved for membership.

Each potential match is carefully reviewed by our staff before the match is suggested to the participants themselves. Then we obtain of both members. During the entire matchmaking process, the Lifemates matchmakers are on call to discuss, advise and guide both parties as they decide whether or not they want to continue with the match or move on to another introduction. All of these activities are extremely time-intensive and costly to the program. However for over 20 years we have seen that this is the process that really works in creating successful introductions.

The Lifemates fees reflect this process. The cost of a Lifemates Canada membership covers the dozens of hours that our staff spends on each client and on each match. If we could we would love to reduce the Lifemates cost but to be honest, if we reduced the fee we would not be able to provide the high level of service for which Lifemates is recognized. Lifemates emphasizes that, aside from the actual cost of the date, for which the clients themselves accept responsibility, there are no additional Lifemates fees above and beyond the initial Lifemates fee which the member pays upon joining Lifemates Canada. This is a departure from many dating services whose fee structure involves a number of additional, hidden costs which are revealed only after the client joins the service.

Prospective clients should be aware that subsidies are sometimes available to offset the cost of a Lifemates Canada membership. Prospective members may ask about these discounts, along with any other information about the Lifemates Canada fee during the introductory meeting with a Lifemates Relationship Consultant.

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