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For some people, dating can be fun and exciting, but for others finding the right partner and enjoying the process of dating in order to find the "right person" is quite stressful. If you want to date for some good times, that's one thing, but if you're serious about finding your lifemate – the partner that will be by your side as you work together to build a solid home and family – dating can be a demanding process. What makes it worse is; identifying a possible life partner often feels like a toss of the coin. Were you at the right party? Did you let the right friends and neighbors know that you are interested in a relationship? How do you maneuver out of dating people that you're sure are inappropriate without getting a reputation for being a snob?
Lifemates Canada offers singles the perfect dating program, where trained relationship coaches create matches and give professional advice to guide relationships whose foundations are just being built. Lifemates Canada offices are located in numerous Canadian cities, where trained staff members are ready to offer a helping hand to singles. Most of our members are serious about their dating activities and want to establish a relationship which has the potential of moving onto the next stage of commitment.
Lifemates Canada uses a unique strategy which involves professional coaches, combined with a scientific personality profile which results in appropriate match suggestions which may lead to solid relationships, homes and families. Lifemates Canada has been creating meaningful matches between Canadian singles of all ages since 1998. Today, the growing company has offices in dozens of locations throughout Canada to ensure that the Lifemates staff will find your match.
I'd run the gauntlet of dating options over the years – parties, bars, blind dates and all the rest. I had begun to assume that I would remain single and was prepared to make my peace with that situation when my co-worker gave me a card with the Lifemates website. His cousin had just gotten married after having met someone through Lifemates in Toronto and suggested that I give it a try. Within weeks I was dating women who were good matches for me – not "the one" but close enough that I started to get my hopes up. After 5 months I was set up with Amber and we're getting ready to celebrate our one-year anniversary of our first date next week. I have something to give her at that anniversary dinner.
-Alan Marsh, Mississauga
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Lifemates Canada Matchmaking and Dating Experts

Welcome to Lifemates Canada Dating, one of the most trusted dating and matchmaking services in the country. We offer you the best dating service to rev up your dull and monotonous romantic life. Our matchmakers cater to your personal needs and help you to enjoy a fun filled and exciting evening.

Within a rather short span of time, Lifemates Canada has become one of the best dating services for busy singles who have over the years complained about the lack of dating options for them. It has not taken us too long to understand what busy professionals who lead a very hectic life look for when they approach a dating service provider like us. In keeping with this understanding, Lifemates Canada has focused on three critical aspects that make us one of the most customer friendly dating and matchmaking service providers in the country.

These three critical matchmaking aspects are – Ease of our service, personalized matchmakers assistance, and a complete range of dating services that takes into account every possible detail that can make your date a success.

To begin with, our matchmakers first take into account important cues retrieved from your lifemates profile review. These important cues may include your preferences, work life and social circle. Following this, the Lifemates matchmaking team springs into action to carefully match your profile. This is an important step because we get down to finding your match for that special evening. Once we zero in on the ideal match for you, we give you a call to confirm your availability. The date is fixed as per mutual convenience. Rest assured, you will not be required to put your work off to be on your date.

To make your evening truly special, Lifemates have tied up with some of the best known restaurants in town. We send you to the best venues and make sure that you enjoy a great evening with a great company.

So, why waste time? Just give us a call and spice up your romantic life.